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The purpose of our recruitment policy is to ensure that we have a consistent, fair, and cost effective approach to the way that we recruit and select candidates for AMSI Consultancy Services. In doing so we aim to make AMSI Consultancy Services an employer of choice. The aims of this policy and of the recruitment procedure are to enable selection of the best person for the job, to provide a structured approach to the recruitment process, to ensure consistency is achieved across the Group and, to comply with our own Diversity Policy and with recruitment legislation.
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Recruitment Policy Overview of engineering software IT skilled peoples outsourcing INDIA UK USA

We recognize that AMSI Consultancy Services' success depends upon the caliber of its people. Our recruitment policy for engineering software IT skilled peoples outsourcing INDIA UK USA is to identify clearly the role and responsibilities of each job and its contribution to the AMSI Consultancy Services Group as a whole, being flexible where possible in our working practices in order to attract and retain a high caliber of employee.
To ensure that we integrate our career development program with the needs of AMSI Consultancy Services and our employees, wherever possible we will offer newly available posts to internal candidates before seeking a wider range of candidates. Our aim is to establish an effective workforce, instilling in our employees a desire for excellence, a willingness to take on individual responsibility and to be flexible, and an acceptance of the importance of team co-operation. We take for granted personal integrity, a commitment to self-development and self reliance. We will encourage innovation.

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Recruitment Practices of engineering software IT skilled peoples outsourcing INDIA UK USA

We will actively encourage managers to review their department structure in order to review the necessity for recruitment. We will endeavor to provide appropriate staffing levels in all areas in line with agreed AMSI Consultancy Services needs. Where a need has been identified, our recruitment practices will be viewed as fair and professional to both internal and potential employees.
We will ensure that the remuneration for a given position is sufficient to recruit and retain the appropriate caliber of staff. All external advertising will be professional and portray the desired company image in line with corporate advertising. All advertising will he fair in relation to gender, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, creed, or age. and will not contain matters likely to cause widespread software IT skilled peoples outsourcing INDIA UK USA
Advertisements for engineering software IT skilled peoples outsourcing INDIA UK USA will be as specific as possible and geared to attract only those who fill the essential person specification criteria. Each appointment is viewed as a key business decision, so our recruitment processes are geared to identify the key skills, knowledge, motivation and attitudes required in the successful candidate utilizing appropriate objective assessment methods. Active consideration of all applicants will take place regardless of their gender, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, creed, or age.
Response handling will be efficient and professional. We will ensure that applications are acknowledged within two days of receipt and applicants will be informed about when they are likely to receive further communication. After a vacancy has been filled, we will review the recruitment process with the manager to ascertain what went well and where improvements could be made. On a regular basis we will examine the longer-term effectiveness of our recruitment strategy and make amendments where necessary.

Internal Candidates

We aspire to enable all our employees to reach their potential insofar as this is possible within the objectives of the Company, to the mutual benefit of the individual and the Company. We recognize that a vacancy should wherever possible, create a career development opportunity for an existing employee. Prior to vacancies arising we will prompt managers to consider actively succession planning within their department so that vacancies can provide development opportunities for other individuals within the department.
We will ensure that information is openly available on jobs for which there is not already an identified successor. This will normally be by open advertising within the Company. We will actively promote the appointment of internal candidates whilst ensuring that this does not compromise our recruitment standards of engineering software IT skilled peoples outsourcing INDIA UK USA. We reserve the right to seek external candidates alongside internal candidates e.g. when there is a requirement for specific expertise.

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Joining AMSI Consultancy Services

We recognize that as far as possible the offer of employment should indicate a long-term commitment although when appropriate we will consider carefully alternatives in order to meet short-term resource requirements or the needs of our employees. All successful candidates in engineering software IT skilled peoples outsourcing INDIA UK USA process will receive a copy of the terms and conditions on which employment is offered with their offer letter.
All job offers will be made on condition that the successful candidate will provide two business references which are satisfactory to us, proof of the right to work in the UK and, where qualifications have been stated to be essential for the successful candidate, has furnished evidence of their compliance with that requirement. Only once these conditions have been met, and the employee has successfully completed their probationary period, will the employment be deemed to be permanent. We will ensure that every individual joining AMSI Consultancy Services undergoes induction training in order to maximize the rate of individual and organisational learning.


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